Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is proud to be an intellectual destination for visiting scientists, scholars, researchers, and employees from industry, government, and other academic institutions. We regularly welcome domestic and international visitors from both the public and private nonprofit sectors who wish to participate in research, educational, and other scholarly activities. As an Academic Visitor, you enrich our campus environment and provide unique skills and perspectives through your activities with both faculty members and students. During your stay with us, you will be fully engaged with the University community, and in this capacity, you have a number of privileges and obligations, many of which are outlined in the following sections.

In Your Visit to the University, we provide details that you as a visitor need to know, e.g., information about electronic accounts, health insurance, training, and research and other related policies. This section is a must-read for all visitors to the University. The remaining sections are recommended reading, as they provide information about the University and its environment. About the University includes details on the University of Pittsburgh, including links to the history and other facts about the University. Finally, About Pittsburgh describes the city of Pittsburgh and many of the amenities available within and near the city, including dining, recreation, shopping, and housing.