The University of Pittsburgh welcomes Academic Visitors to its campuses for educational collaboration, observation, personal study, and research activities. We foster an open learning environment where diversity and inclusion are promoted and encouraged. Academic Visitors are individuals supported by other academic institutions or companies who receive an official invitation from a University of Pittsburgh host school or department that will allow them to be a guest on our campus for a specified amount of time and for a specific academic or research purpose.

In some cases, an Academic Visitor will be unaffiliated with another institution or company, and so will be self-supported.

While at the University of Pittsburgh, you will maintain an association with a host faculty member and department that will serve as your intellectual home.

As an Academic Visitor, you will fall into one of three visitor categories that broadly describe your length of stay and activities.

Visitors during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Please note that Category 2 and 3 Visitors, and those Category 1 Visitors who are considered federal contractors, are subject to the University’s vaccine requirement. For more information, contact Allen DiPalma, Director of the Office of Trade Compliance, at

  • Category 1: Short-term, non-laboratory visits lasting less than 14 days;
  • Category 2: Long-term, non-laboratory visits lasting more than 14 days; or
  • Category 3: Visits of any length that involve laboratory or clinically based research.

Graduate student Visitors currently are covered under these guidelines. Undergraduate student Visitors currently are not covered under these guidelines. Undergraduate Visitors who are conducting research are covered by guidance found on the Office of the Provost website.

The sections under Your Visit to the University provide information on University identification cards, health insurance, training, and policies that apply to those of you who are a Category 2 or a Category 3 Visitor. This information does not apply to you if you are a Category 1 Visitor.