Step 4: Visitor Onboarding Procedures

Upon completion of all applicable visitor agreements, Category 2 and 3 Visitors must be entered into the University’s PittWorx system using an appointment form. This step is a prerequisite for obtaining a University Visitor ID and other required and conditional administrative actions that are available to the host department or school. Please consult the required and conditional administrative guidance below so that you can complete the procedures that pertain to your Visitor's situation.

Required Administrative Actions

Required administrative actions include submitting an appointment form, creating a sponsored email account, completing the University's Title IX training, acquiring a University ID card, providing proof of Covid-19 vaccination, and ensuring possession of health insurance.

Conditional Administrative Actions

Conditional administrative actions include completing research-specific and conflict of interest training, ensuring clearance when interacting with minors, confirming that all animal-use protocols are followed, providing permitted financial support, and completing visa-related procedures.