Step 5: Visitor Departure and Close-Out Procedures

Category 2 and 3 Visitors must undergo a number of close-out related actions as they reach their visits’ conclusions, all of which are outlined in detail below. University of Pittsburgh administrators and faculty members should address Visitor privileges related to electronic and computer access, University property, future academic and other relationships, etc., prior to a Visitor’s departure.

Required Close-Out Procedures for Category 2 and 3 Visitors

Appointment Termination

Visitor appointments for all Category 2 and 3 Visitors should have been entered into the PittWorx system prior to commencing their visit at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon completion of their visits, these appointments should immediately conclude. The responsible department administrator should initiate the termination process in PittWorx, which will be routed to the school’s dean’s office for approval and then to the Visitor Liaison for final approval. The Visitor’s appointment will then officially be terminated. The Visitor Liaison also will note the Visitor’s terminated status in the Visitor’s MyEC record.

Deactivate Email Account and Computer Access

All Category 2 and 3 Visitors will have a sponsored email account, which allows for single sign-on capabilities within the University’s computing environment. These accounts are intended for temporary use only and are created by an RC administrator assigned to the host department or school. For security and compliance purposes, sponsored email accounts must be promptly terminated at the end of a visit so that a Visitor does not have continued access to Enterprise or departmental electronic and computer systems. The department’s RC administrator should be contacted in order to deactivate the account.

Return University Property

The host department or school should identify all University property, including all technology devices and accessories owned by the University, that have been assigned to or are possessed by the Visitor and ensure that they are returned prior to the Visitor’s departure. This list includes tablets, phones, University-owned software, laptop and desktop computers, external hard drives, etc. The Visitor should remove any personal information from University-owned property prior to returning the device(s).

Visitors also should return any research-related or University proprietary information that they possess – electronic, hardcopy (e.g., research notes), or otherwise – to their University of Pittsburgh supervisor. Any research-related or other University information in any format that the Visitor desires to retain should be reviewed by the Visitor’s supervisor prior to the Visitor’s departure. This review will ensure that it is permissible for the Visitor to possess the information upon termination of the visit. The Office of University Counsel, the Office of Trade Compliance, the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and/or other University offices, should be consulted to determine which information the Visitor may retain.

Terminate University ID Card and Other Access Privileges

At the conclusion of a visit, the school or department is responsible for ending all access privileges the Visitor has been granted. To do this, first verify that the end date of the visit is correct in the PittWorx system. This will ensure that all basic physical and electronic access privileges conclude. Next, any specific ID-related electronic privileges provided by the home unit, such as access to laboratories, clinical space, or key-card facilities should be disabled. Finally, the department should collect the actual ID card from the Visitor as a final safety and security precaution. 

Instructions on Future Exchanges

Certain terms of the visitor participation agreement and if appropriate, laboratory addendum or clinical space addendum, will continue beyond the termination of the visit. The Visitor should be made aware of these terms at the end of the visit. However, the conclusion of the visit also provides an opportunity for the University of Pittsburgh to define for both the Visitor and the University host faculty member any desired options for appropriately continuing a relationship, research-related or otherwise.

Several University offices should be consulted prior to continuing the relationship to determine whether additional contractual or other terms are necessary. These offices may include the Office of University Counsel, the Office of Trade Compliance, the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and/or others. Be aware that University-level involvement in any continued relationship may depend upon discipline- and research-specific issues.

Exit Interview

The host faculty member, department, or school is encouraged to conduct an exit interview with all departing Visitors. These interviews enable the host to gather information about a Visitor’s experience while at the University - what they benefited from and what could be improved - to enhance a Visitor’s experience. This interview can also point to areas in which the department or school could invest additional resources to enhance a Visitor’s experience.